NJ Hunger Prevention Advisory Committee History

The Hunger Prevention Advisory Committee (HPAC) was created through the New Jersey Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program Act, during November 2000. The Committee includes representatives from the Departments of Agriculture, Human Services, and Community Affairs and ten public members appointed by the Governor. The public members include: two representatives of emergency food programs, two representatives of programs serving homeless individuals, the Executive Director of the County Welfare Directors Association of New Jersey, the Municipal Welfare Association of New Jersey and the Association of Children of New Jersey (now known as the Advocates for Children of NJ); a nutritionist, and two members of the public who are knowledgeable about emergency food programs.

The Committee meets several times each year and issues the Hunger Prevention Advisory Committee’s Report to the Legislature. Links to the current membership and HPAC Reports can be found below. 

Other HPAC Links:


2011 Report to the Legislature 

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